Secretary/Ministry Assistant

Sandy Level Baptist Church

408 Blythewood Rd, Blythewood, SC 29016    803.754.1299


Job Description:

Service Title: Ministry Assistant/Secretary


Purpose:  To perform secretarial and administrative tasks, under the general day-to-day supervision of the Pastor, that will support the overall function and activities of the church.  The secretary is on the frontlines and is often the first person the public sees or talks to. In that sense, the secretary becomes the voice of the pastor, church and denomination to many visitors or callers.


For the church to do ministry in many areas, adequate support and administration for all ministries is essential.  The secretary must create an environment that is inviting to people passing through and is comforting and calming to those who may be dealing with stress or confusion. The work of the Church Secretary grows more challenging each year as technology advances and expectations increase.


Required Skills and Personal Traits:


  • A personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and strong desire to serve within a church.
  • Outstanding “I care” people skills.
  • Excellent communications, computer and organizational skills.
  • Effective verbal, writing, editorial and publishing skills.
  • Must have an attitude toward role as “another minister” of the church, not just “office help”.
  • Ability to protect the reputation and integrity of others through strict confidentiality. Wisdom to refrain from indiscriminately sharing information is critical.  Willingness to learn new skills, work as a team player and overall dependability and accessibility are very important.
  • Knowledge or willingness to learn Baptist Distinctives.



Job Responsibilities:


1. The Church Secretary will greet all visitors and members as they enter the building and will assist them as needed during office hours.  


2. The Church Secretary will become the voice of the church during the week.  This person must be able to communicate effectively in a broad range of areas by fielding phone calls and communicating messages to the Pastor and other staff members.  


3. Insure all correspondence is mailed or emailed in a timely manner.  


4. Basic Maintenance of Office Equipment – Operate, clean regularly and recommend needs for office equipment including copier, computer, etc.  


5. Maintaining Church Records – Utilize ACS software to maintain all membership records.  


6. Preparation of Bulletin and church communication – Keep an up-to-date master calendar of events, create, proof and publish the weekly bulletin, Prayer guide, email communication and denominational statistics.   


7. Mail – Pick up mail daily, sort and deliver mail to staff and leaders


8. Office Supplies – Maintain inventory of office supplies making materials available to staff/members as   needed.  


9.  Attends Quarterly Council of Leader meetings to record the minutes of the meetings.


10.  Keeps ministerial staff, deacons, and others informed of crises or ministry opportunities within the congregation and community.


11.  Maintains church files in cooperation with church officers.


12.  Assists the pastoral staff in preparing worship services, events, baptisms and special presentations.




Salary is reflective of other similar position in secular employment in our immediate area.

$27,000 – $30,000



The position will involve work on a weekly schedule, Monday – Friday. 

How to apply for this position of Ministry Assistant/Secretary:


Please submit a resumé and cover letter to 


Resumés will be received until November 20, 2017.


Please submit additional questions to 


We will reply via email if we receive your resumé.  You will be notified if additional information is requested.