Please call the church office at 803-754-1299 for directions on where to drop off donations.

This is a list of things we are running low on or don't have any at all. In order to provide for our community it takes a village, and the wonderful people who donate helps to keep our community clothed all year long. We thank you very much!!

(Please make sure your items are clean. Hangers are always welcome!!)

  • Shoes

    No matter what season we are in, shoes are always needed. We are in need of kid's,  men's and women's shoes. 

  • New Socks and Underwear for all ages

    Even though we appreciate you digging through your dressers for these items, we would love if these items were new and still in the package. We hope you understand. 

  • Swim Suits

    It's that time of year, and swim suits are a must. We are in need of kids and men's swim suits. 

  • Women's Clothing

    We appreciate every donation from the bottom of our hearts, but right now we are not accepting women's clothing. The ladies have been so kind to share all of their wonderful items with us that we are running out of room to store them. We will open women's donations back up as we need so hold on to those items you want to donate. We will keep you updated when we need them.