Loving God.  Loving Others.  Serving the Kingdom.

  • Pastor Chris came to Sandy Level in July 2014.  He and his wife Karen have 4 children: CJ, Miriam, Eliza, and Jedidiah.  The Hanleys have served in ministry positions around the world.  Join us this Sunday and meet Pastor Chris!  You can contact Pastor Chris at chris@sandylevel.org.

  • worship Leader

    Wanda Thompson leads worship in our Traditional Worship Service.  She directs the choir and leads our congregational singing.  During the summer, our worship team works together to lead Sandy Level in worship in a single worship service.  


    Sandy Level is currently searching for a Full-Time Associate Pastor that will focus on connecting with Students and their families.  Please pray for us as we begin our search.  

  • Ministry Assistant

    Kellye Cantrell

    Kellye Cantrell is our Ministry Assistant. She is married to Dustin and they have two children, Stella and Carter. She lives here in Blythewood and attends Newspring Columbia North East Campus. She has a passion for serving the Lord and is here to assist the congregation at Sandy Level.

    Email: slbc@sandylevel.org